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 MVA Violations

Emissions Test Violation

1.  The emissions test was not completed in the assigned time frame.
    A.  An extension may be granted.  Call Norman's for more information.

Outstanding Parking Ticket and Red Light Ticket Violation

1.  The parking ticket fine must be paid to the jurisdiction that the ticket was issued from.
2.  After payment of the outstanding ticket, you must supply Norman's with the MVA Release or a confirmation number to verify that the ticket is paid in full.
3.  Maryland MVA charges $30.00 to release each outstanding violation from the MVA database.  This is an additional fee above the fine you will pay to the jurisdiction.
4.  Tickets issued in error will require a statement from that jurisdiction stating it was issued in error.

Insurance Violation

1.  You changed insurance carriers, and had insurance coverage the entire time:
    A.  Proof of insurance will resolve the matter. Contact your insurance agent.
2.  You have a lapse of insurance coverage on your vehicle:
    A.  Depending upon the circumstances you may or may not be responsible for the fine. Contact MVA's Insurance Compliance Division at 410-768-7431.


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