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Are You A Resident?

1.  If you operate a vehicle that is registered in another state, in your name or someone else's, and meet one of the following criteria, you are required to apply for a nonresident permit.
    A.  Students enrolled in an accredited school, college, or university of this state, a bordering state or serving a medical internship in this state, for a period in excess of 30 days.
    B.  Persons temporarily employed in Maryland, not to exceed one year.
    C.  Members of the U.S. Military, or U.S. Public Health Service and serving on active duty in this state, an adjourning state of the District of Columbia.
    D.  Persons visiting or vacationing who temporarily maintain or occupy a dwelling in this state not to exceed a period of 6 months, and maintain a dwelling in another state.

If you have no other dwelling in any other state, the presumption is that the person is a resident of Maryland.

Nonresident Permit

1.  A Nonresident Permit is valid until the expiration of your out-of-state license plates or for a maximum period of one year, unless a visitor.
2.  A Nonresident Permit for a visitor is valid for the length of time you plan to staty, or for a maxiumum period of six months.  

To Obtain A Nonresident Permit

1.  Valid out-of-state driver's license
2. Current vehicle registration card
3. Do you qualify?
    A. Student: Student ID Card or registration receipt indicating enrollment
    B. Military: Current Military ID
    C. Temporary Employment: Letter from employer on company letterhead indicating the length of anticipated employment in Maryland
    D. Visitor: A written statement, indicating the reason and length of stay in Maryland
4.  It takes one to two business days to obtain a Nonresident


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